Painting says a lot about a house. It gives color and life, and has a great effect on the overall beauty of a residence. The personality of the house depends on the quality of the paint. With this is mind, a good paint job shouldn’t be taken for granted. It’s a good thing we at A Head Above Home Repair specialize in this service.

Leave it to us to make the difference in not only the presentation of your home,. You would be amazed at how just a change of quality paint can make the difference in the feeling of a room; from soft shades of tranquility to brightly and boldly painted kids’ rooms, the color of the walls and trim should match the mood each room perfectly, and we can help with that! It doesn’t matter if its inside or outside of your home, we can help give any area a little extra color! Need your outside trim or even the shutters painted? No problem! How about the entryway, or perhaps the ceiling of your game room? We’ve got you covered!

We even repair or replace the rotten wood around the exterior of the house, around the windows, columns, fascia boards, shingles boards and the soffit. We are the carpenter and the painter. You done have to found two different companies to the job. Our interior paint jobs include walls, ceilings, doors, windows, cabinets, shelves, baseboards, crown moldings, railings, and more; while our exterior paint jobs include sidings, decks, railings, patio covers, perimeter walls, fascia, eaves, gutters, shutters, garage doors and even more.We also cater to all different kinds of surfaces like stucco, concrete, brick, stone, wood, composite and vinyl. So essentially, whatever the material, wherever the location, whatever the vision of fresh color that you have, we can handle it!

The possibilities of color combinations and options for little touches of personalization are endless. Let us help make your home a more perfect representation of you and your family to others, while at the same time making you more comfortable and relaxed in your own home.