So, you’re interesting in building a fence? Well, you came to the right place! Our team at A Head Above Home Repair is experienced and ready to build your beautiful fence. Fences have many benefits; such as, increasing your property value, providing a safe, closed-in area for you children and pets to play freely, providing privacy alongside and behind your home, deterring would-be thieves, and more.

There are several factors to consider before having your fence built. These factors are important, such as, what type of fence suits you best? Would you like a white picket fence or a more traditional treated 6’ft cedar or pine fence. What color or stain would you like to be used? Do you want your fence taller than 6’ft? Do you need a gate on your fence? If so, a gate big enough for a person, or a gate big enough to drive your vehicle through? Would you like a lattice top on your traditional posts? Do you want your post tops decorative?

One fence style is called the shadow box fence, which gives you privacy without the appearance of a solid barrier and air can pass through the spacing in the panels. It's important to remember that your fencing is not limited to the outside perimeter of your property line. Fencing options can be utilized within one’s property for various needs. You could have a safety fence around your pool or small pond with a locking safety gate to ensure the safety of visitors and especially children. You could use a short fence to separate your garden from the rest of the yard and to keep out unwanted hungry animals. You can also use fencing for a stylish dog run or kennel, to allow your dog a sectioned off portion of the yard all to itself. And remember, any of these fencing options are available in a wide variety of finishes or stains, and a wide variety of styles to add that perfect look to your yard.

Whatever the need, big or small, we’ve got your fencing needs covered at A Head Above Home Repair.