Many of you may be wanting to add something to your home to spice it up a bit, but you want it to be something functional year round. The answer you’re looking for may just be a new deck! Decks are among the most popular additions that many people add on to their homes, and for good reason!

Decks are an attractive addition to a home where you can host parties or other events, grill and dine on, be a platform for you pool, and many more options. Decks are also a great place to place a hot tub or a bench swing. Either way, a deck is a great place to relax outside with friends and family. In addition to being a place to host events, a deck will also increase your property value. Experts say that you can easily make back a big part of the build cost of a deck upon the sale of a home, which is a much high percentage than most other home addition projects. A deck is also appealing to the eye, and enhances the layout of the home. A deck can be finished or stained with a shade of your choice to complement the trim and color scheme of your home. Decks add that extra space in your back yard, which can free up space in the garage; decks also cost significantly less when compared to other possible home additions, which makes it an excellent choice for those on a budget or perhaps trying to avoid a loan.

We recommend you take a look out back and envision your new deck. Think about how you would use your new deck and what you might place on it; perhaps a grill, a hot tub, or a patio table with chairs? After brainstorming on how you might use your new deck, think about what height you would like it, the stain of the wood, the railing and stairs. There are many options that we can guide you through as you consider this great addition to your home. And whether you’re looking to repair your current deck or have a new one built entirely, A Head Above Home Repair can help you every step of the way with whatever you’re looking for in a deck! Our team has the experience you need to ensure your deck project is completed with excellence and of quality materials to last.

Build a cover over your deck to hide from sun. We can even screen in your deck to keep out those biting bugs and mosquitoes.