The bathroom has always been one of those rooms that is the pride of the home, and even practically, we spend a great deal of time in them as well with not only bathing, but also preparing for our day and utilizing various facilities. As much time as we spend in the bathroom, the experience should be in an atmosphere that creates a pleasant bliss and relaxation.

At A Head Above Home Repair, we’ve got you covered from the various aspects of the design such as color, finish, and knobs, to the mirror choice, to the material of the floor. We can help bring your dream bathroom to life and offer plenty of suggestions if you don’t quite have all of the details worked out yet. And that’s just fine because there are a ton of options to consider. Do you prefer brightly colored walls or muted colors? Wallpaper or paint? Does your bathroom have a window? If so, do you want the glass to have a frosted or tinted finish? Would you prefer a oval shape toilet over the traditional white porcelain? Maybe you want to change the layout of your sink, tub, or shower.

We can easily move current plumbing lines to accommodate the new layout of your bathroom appliances. And speaking of showers, maybe you would like a waterfall style shower where the water smoothly pours from above, or maybe the contemporary rain shower style suits you better with its 100-plus rubber nozzles all releasing water at once. Will you have us replace your shower-tub combo with a standalone shower with glass doors? Or perhaps you may want a standalone tub, maybe even a hot tub with jets! Let’s face it, nobody likes the look of a dingy bathroom; why not give us a call so we can help you with this bathroom project and let the dream of your blissful bathroom paradise become a reality of relaxation.